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Mission Statement
Soluna Medical is dedicated to supplying a full range of quality medical equipment in the most economical way to medical professionals seeking to improve their health and the health of their community.

Soluna Medical, established in 2009, understands the demands and needs of healthcare professionals. Our job is to provide superior products that make the jobs of healthcare professionals easier.

Among our product offerings is the L2S09 Ultra-Portable LED Headlight System. This system was created to make long hours in the operating room or dental suite much more comfortable. Use of this headlight system may help to alleviate neck pain, headaches, annoying shadows, insufficient lighting and fatigue, as well as help to avoid limited mobility from being tethered to a light source.

The L2S09 is the latest model of LED Portable Headlight Systems fabricated by Xenosys. It is lightweight, bright and dependable with 18 hours operating time per battery in the lowest setting. The system includes two batteries. The L2S09 can be operated by a wired inline controller or on the main control panel on the battery pack. The lamp can be attached to a head harness, to almost any pair of eyeglasses using our Universal Adapter Clip, and to most surgical loupes using the integrated LED lamp module clamp. The estimated LED life span is 50,000 hours. The L2S09 headlight provides the most even distribution of bright, focused LED illumination to an operating field.

The L2S09 is so dependable, comfortable and bright that it has become a favorite tool among healthcare professionals who donate their time, talent and knowledge in mission trips to places in need such as Haiti, Africa, South America and Central America. Demonstration units are available for a complimentary trial.

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